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Gustavo Gano brand was born in sunny Italy.

Romantic, unique, outstanding, sophisticated, comfortable.
Our brand offers modern and good quality children, women & menswear at the best possible price.

You will find in our collection petite sizes as well as plus size selection for most of the items available in stores.

Kids collections available from 0 to 14 -15 years .

Gustavo Gano through years put a lot of attention to the quality of fabrics, cut and prints. All of our fabrics, decorations are certified and pass many special tests to ensure safety, quality and usage.
Our company guarantee minimum of a 60-washes-life for any kid casual item.

Gustavo Gano combines european design techniques and high quality manufacturing in Asia, to offer best possible prices. Mosst of our product produced on the factories in Vietnam. Whole process strictly controlled by our international team of specialists

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