5 tips to create a perfect play-party outfit

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Kids love to play, kids love to be active, exploring the world...and of course kids love Birthday parties, play dates and fun kid events.

How to easily create a comfortable outfit for your child:

Tips for the girls : 1-select general style ( 1 piece set, 2 piece set, 3 piece set ) example : dress, skirt + t-shirt/shirt, skirt+shirt+cardigan. Complicated outfits are more functional, if it is cold you can wear a sweatshirt, and it was planned and matching 2-select desirable gamma :

it is more easy to mix-n-match items from similar gamma tones or from 1 concept gamma although you can use any classical color combinations red/blue/white grey/silver/white gold/white/black .. if you mix too much of different tones you may end up with ''Christmas tree'' effect. Try to follo similar gamma combinations. It will always look more professional.

3-Mood/style & dress code

Dress code applicable not only for adult , but also for kid events...and ''Style'' is not some fancy word, style is also a concept. If your kid goes to a classical music concert you shall choose the clothing to follow the dress code. Meanwhile if your kid is

going to visit a great Birthday party, consider wearting something fancy but comfortable enough to run in it for hours:) Kids are kids.

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